Buying your audience into your faith community.

So this is a bit of a different type of article than what we normally share here. And I am not even going to be referencing the whole article that Shane Blackshear crafted under the topic of ‘3 Ways to know that you might have made Evangelism an Idol’ although it is specifically his first of the three points that I am wanting us to dig a bit deeper into:   1. Evangelism is the end that justify the means. Shane writes, ‘Once while at a collegiate conference the worship session began and with that came lasers and smoke. My friend standing next to me leaned over and said “How did the early church worship without lasers and smoke?!” Good question. If you ask people from churches with this type worship model about why they spend money on things like lasers, fog machines, and state of the art stage lighting, many will point to evangelism and one way or another. Many have mission statements that they can point to that say they exist to attract people to Christ, therefor if a professional rock show is what it takes, so be it. Evangelistic opportunities have become the spiritual tax write off of evangelicals. Have an event, any event, present “the Gospel” at said event, and turn any trip to Six Flags...

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Put your money where your mouth, um vision, is.

Mark Scandrette is a good friend of ours at Common Change, so much so that he added a link to our non-profit collaborative giving tool at the end of his latest book ‘Free: Spending your Time and Money on What Matters Most’ as what we help people do falls in line with a lot of what he is suggesting. In this article by Tony Jones, Tony compares him to an emergent version of Dave Ramsey, starting with a nail-on-the-head description of Mark: ‘Mark is an uncommonly honest person. In fact, chances are that within 5 minutes of a conversation, Mark will ask you something rather intimate about one of two little-discussed topics: sex or money. And he won’t break eye contact until you answer him.’ And continuing with a description of how Mark is open and candid about both of those topics in his own life. I had a walk through part of San Francisco with Mark just the other day and the majority of our conversation focused on money and how we can use it in our lives rather than the other way around. It is something he has lived out and so he definitely has a lot to offer in terms of speaking wisdom into other peoples’ lives. The article is a simple overview look at the book...

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Of helicopter blades and korean church plants: how is the church to spend ‘its’ money?

In the left corner we have ‘Korean Southern Baptists’ who according to this article ‘will work to plant 265 more Korean churches in the U.S. within the next five years and increase their Cooperative Program (CP) giving by 250 percent, leaders of the group told Baptist Press at the annual meeting in Houston.’ The purpose of this is to that they can ‘do more work for the Kingdom’ according to ‘newly elected Korean Council President Junsuk “Peter” Hwang’ ‘His goals also include restructuring the group; developing educational curricula written not only in Korean but also from within a Korean context; and developing a network of Korean churches around the world to gather perhaps every five years for global celebration, inspiration and motivation.’ Meanwhile in the right corner, according to this article,  we have ‘Bishop, I.V. Hilliard, a Texas megachurch pastor, whose ‘Aviation Department’ advised him that upgrading the blades on his helicopter would save his church $50,000, recently caused an uproar for asking his congregation to help finance the upgrade with $52 ‘favor seeds.” To gain support for this pressing need, the Bishop recently reportedly ‘sent out a controversial newsletter to his “Friends in Jesus” list, telling them that if they sow a $52 transportation seed toward the upgrade they would receive “breakthrough favor” within 52 days or 52 weeks.’ The issues related to...

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Some of the Stories of Common Change

Common Change is all about connecting resources to needs through relationships and it is these relationships that form the backdrop to numerous incredible stories of life transformation or simpler acts of encouragement or assistance in a tough time. As we continue to grow, so will the stories – have a read or take a listen to some of these to get a glimpse of the heart of Common Change and what we get to see happen on a regular basis: Meet Abi Ornellis and hear a little bit about her trip to go and work in an orphanage in Tanzania and the exciting things that transpired there. Meet Emiel, Philippa and their family who faced a bit of a crisis while working in Japan, giving a Common Change group the opportunity to be a part of the solution. Meet Brett “Fish” Anderson and hear how his being part of CC suddenly took on new life as he was able to help out some friends of his. Plus we have a whole collection of other stories being built up on the Common Change site blog. And we look forward to adding your story someday… To get involved or find out more, head across to and sign up. Also join and like the ‘Common Change’ group on Facebook or follow us on Twitter...

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What stands out for me in my involvement with Common Change – Relationships [Ben Younan]

Ben has been involved with Common Change since the early days of the Relational Tithe experiment which was the forerunner to this Collaborative Giving tool that is now available for everyone to experience. In this short clip, Ben explains how for him it is the relationship aspect that really makes Common Change such a significant thing for his family to be a part of. [youtube=]   For more information on how Common Change works or to sign up and get started head to the Common Change website and get connected. Also join and like ‘Common Change’ on Facebook or follow us @4CommonChange on Twitter....

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