Common Change

Two Cents is an initiative of Common Change, an organization helping you pool money with people you know, to share with people you care about. 

Each of us has a longing to know and be known, to care and be cared for. What if we could each reach across and beyond the barriers which divide us?  This is the essence of a member of Common Change.  We are seeking to find ways to live in a more inclusive economy by sharing with those we know and care about.
We believe Abundance > Scarcity

We believe People > Programs

We believe Friends > Projects

We believe Collaboration > Isolation

We believe Relationships > Transactions

We believe Change > Cents

With Common Change you and your friends can contribute into a common group fund, present opportunities to help, and discuss and approve requests in a collaborative way so that your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers are not economically isolated when they face hard times. We help you share not just the money you contribute but your voice, experience, wisdom, time, talents, and connections in helping people around you. Common Change helps you do this all via a platform that engenders trust and ensures transparency and accountability, supporting your desire to spend your time and money on what matters most—the people you care about.


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