Did the Occupy Movement Miss the Mark?

by Dana Fisher   Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said “In the gospels the very first step a man must take is an act which radically affects his whole existence.” What I saw from the Occupy Wall Street movement wasn’t a radical change in our existence but a desperate grab to make us all equally rich, an equality which Jesus called us out of. When they finally cleared Dewey Square of all the tents and sleeping bags and all that was left were scraps of paper and empty footprints in the mud I couldn’t help but feel we had missed the mark. The Occupy movement felt like a hollow thud in the threads of time. It lacked direction and left me with the sense of selfishness and greed. The mud of American capitalism was hard to wash off my boots. We didn’t want equality, what we wanted is what others had. It’s hard to disagree with many of the principles put forth by the occupy movement, the need for equality is there and it is real. But the way it was gone about was a misstep to real social change. It lacked selflessness and leadership of which both are needed to motivate and bring out the best in each of us, pushing us to love and strive for others like we...

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