About TwoCents

You might be asking the question, ‘Why “Two Cents?”‘

Well, with the way the economy has been going lately, sometimes that feels like all we have left to put together.


But on a more serious note the idea of Two Cents was to carve out an online space where people can engage ideas, theories, best practices, and the like at the intersection point where FAITH meets ECONOMICS [with a  side order of JUSTICE thrown into the mix].

The primary conviction behind TwoCents.co is that how we use our money is one of the post potent ways we express our true convictions. Talking about how our FAITH impacts our decisions with MONEY is about exposing the reality behind our words. You could say, it’s putting your money where your mouth is…

The idea is that through a combination of aggregated/collected articles and some original pieces written just for this site, that we would be able to provide you with a catalyst for conversation and engagement, that will hopefully move way beyond ideas and practices discussed here to influence the way you and others live out these things in your own life, where faith and economic and justice meet.

Two Cents, specifically, is an initiative currently sponsored by Common Change, a non-profit organisation that works in the area of Collaborative Giving – connecting people with resources to those who are in need but through the framework of already existing relationships. For more on who we are and the tool that we have been putting together [which is one easy and simple but powerfully effective way to live out the journey of faith and economics]  come and take a look at our site and get signed up.

We hope you’ll join with us and contribute by sharing an article (or two) via social media or engaging with others throughout the website. Not only that, but we hope you’ll find this space an opportunity to think in new ways and to consider spheres of your life that you’re often told to leave out of polite conversation.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave your “two cents.”