is Back! Please Join the Conversation. is Back! Please Join the Conversation.

For our loyal readers, you may have noticed a dip in our posts as of late. We apologize, but this down time was for a big renovation. has a new look for desktop and mobile to make it easier to read and share on social media.

For those of you new to, we are a site dedicated to conversations about Faith and Money. We want to examine how we put our beliefs to action when it comes to economic equality, social justice, charity, and generosity.

Also, we wanted to do a better job of putting our authors out in front. Now, every article has an author box where you can learn more about our authors and connect with them on social media.

Moving forward, you will see regular posting continue. In the meantime, please take this opportunity to sign up for email newsletter using the form below, or visit the Write for Us page and submit your article about Faith and Money!

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Yaholo H

Yaholo is a practical mystic, a passionate writer, a paltry poet, and an old-school Jesus freak. You can find him at or grab his book "What If Christians Grew Up?"

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  • Brett FISH Anderson

    Looks great man – well done on all the prep and can’t wait to see how things go from here – thankx for running with it!

    • Yaholo

      Thanks Brett!

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