Seeds, Soils and Revivals

This post originally appeared on: ———————– What triggers a revival? What sustains it? What are the seeds and soil out of which transformative mass religious fervor springs? Large groups of excited people gathered to hear charismatic preachers can certainly spark change. But events end and leaders’ perceived shortcomings inevitably emerge. Ne believers are dragged back down from the heights of passion. Structures are needed to help the change really take root. Last Tuesday I helped lead a short interactive discussion for the Presbytery of San Francisco, on the subject of the most recent major American religious revival: the Jesus Movement – a.k.a. the Jesus People or Jesus Freaks. While the counterculture of that day (religious and otherwise) has mainly passed, some institutions created out of it have continued to the present. We watched a portion of the video biography “Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher, which has since been removed from the free Internet. It was about one of the key figures in the Jesus Movement, Lonnie Frisbee, whose ministry began with wilderness acid trips featuring Bible study and baptisms. The video made passing reference to a key legacy of the Jesus Movement as well as the broader counterculture of the day: Communes. Life Together Early in his ministry, Frisbee connected with the Big House, a...

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Nuts and Bolts of Christian Giving

Editor’s Note: So, I had to give a short introduction to this article. At a poverty advocacy meeting, this older gentleman over-heard me talking about and said he would love to contribute. He doesn’t even own a computer, so he wrote out this article on paper and my wife typed it out. With that understanding, enjoy! —– FAITH is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11-1) Paul Tillich describes faith as your ultimate concern. God’s plan for our finances is clearly disclosed in the many references the Bible has to money. II Corinthians 8 and 9 are very specific: “It is better to sow generously and reap generously.” Living in the “tyranny of the moment”, makes it difficult to determine ultimate concern. Living in abundance makes it difficult to determine ultimate concern because it is easy to allow the possession of money to control your life. Rich or poor we have similar challenge: How to discern God’s will for us and do it. Rich or poor, it is clear that Christians living outside of God’s economic shelter will suffer greatly and need less. Can you think of someone who is poor and you know it doesn’t have to be the way for them? Can you think of someone who...

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Deported: A View From the -Other- Side

I was recently sitting in a Tijuana shelter that houses men for 12 days after they have been deported from the United States. I was guiding a group of pastors and leaders from around California and Arizona who wanted to learn the human story of immigration first hand. With that goal in mind, we simply sat with Gilberto, the director of the shelter, and asked him to tell some of his story and the story of those he has given his life to over the past 30 years. Unimpressed by our glowing resumes, large church attendance or broad vocabulary, Gilberto humbly shared about the path Jesus led him on toward caring for society’s leftovers. With a glowing resume of his own, Gilberto intentionally chose to step off the path of comfort and “success” to step deeper into the reality of his brothers who needed his support. He shared about the man who had been deported at 51 years old after living in the US for 50 years. Because this man’s parents came to the US when he was 6 months old, he knew no other home than that of the US. When he landed in Tijuana, it not only felt like a foreign land, but he didn’t even know Spanish. He shared about the US military veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan but after serving his time in war zones,...

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P7020169 is Back! Please Join the Conversation.

For our loyal readers, you may have noticed a dip in our posts as of late. We apologize, but this down time was for a big renovation. has a new look for desktop and mobile to make it easier to read and share on social media. For those of you new to, we are a site dedicated to conversations about Faith and Money. We want to examine how we put our beliefs to action when it comes to economic equality, social justice, charity, and generosity. Also, we wanted to do a better job of putting our authors out in front. Now, every article has an author box where you can learn more about our authors and connect with them on social media. Moving forward, you will see regular posting continue. In the meantime, please take this opportunity to sign up for email newsletter using the form below, or visit the Write for Us page and submit your article about Faith and Money! Subscribe to * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last...

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