What if this Sharing thing takes off internationally?

What if this Sharing thing takes off internationally?

As the sharing economy receives increasing attention from the media and public, a valuable debate is beginning to emerge around its overall importance and future direction. 

So begins this article titled, From Sharing Cities to a Sharing World which poses some interesting and necessary discussion beginning with the conclusion that the old idea of the American dream is no longer tenable in a world of rising affluence among possibly 9.6 billion people by 2050.

The video referenced by the article, titled ‘The High Price of Materialism’ is worth taking 5 minutes on. I especially appreciated the bigger picture look at intrinsic values it gives towards the end – we are trying to grow and introduce good and healthy habits instead of just railing against or trying to minimise the bad:


I really love the phrase that seems to have become a bit of an anthem for the movement: ‘Sharing more and owning less’ is the ethic that underlies a discernible change in attitudes among affluent society that is being led by today’s young, tech-savvy generation known as Generation Y or the Millennials.

As this article manages to highlight a number of the exciting possibilities of taking the sharing economy across traditional borders, it does also mention and highlight some of the more obvious pitfalls and concernes. This is clearly not going to be a simple move forward and those who benefit the most from the structures inherent to capitalism might be the ones putting up the most resistance.

But take a read of the article, watch the video and share some of your thoughts here. Do you believe that the ideas and practice of the Sharing Economy have merit going into the future? Or do you think they are more of a passing fad that will fairly soon be swallowed up into the normative ways in which so many have existed for so long? Or is there possibly even some kind of middle ground that allows space for both systems of economy to function and even thrive with less expense to individuals and communities? 




Brett Anderson

Brett "Fish" Anderson from South Africa (the country) is passionate about seeing the church live out what it says it believe in all areas of life. He is married to the beautiful Val (tbV) and hates raiSINs with a different kind of passion.
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    I thought you might be interested in some additional stories I’ve come across recently. In Germany: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/17/berlin-borrowing-shop-benefits-share-leila
    And in the UK, Streetbank is growing. http://www.streetbank.com/splash

    I think this is essential for our future…it’s builds connections and relationships, and is certainly helping connect people in our community. It also comes in the opposite spirit to consumerism, which is a breath of fresh air.

    • Brett Anderson

      ah thank you so much for those – will definitely try and take a look at those later – really encouraging to see when people put their creativity to good use…

      Thankx for stopping by
      Brett Fish