a new [Russell] Brand of government?

a new [Russell] Brand of government?

I have never been a huge fan of comedian and actor Russell Brand and i’m not actually sure why that is, but this video clip from last night on BBC’s Newsnight show upped his rating [if only because of the plethora of long words he throws out as if he understands them all]

And this is a bit of a different post from normal as it doesn’t relate directly to the FAITH meets FINANCES conversation, although i definitely think the questions it poses that are related to FINANCES [in the form of political systems and agendas] are worth considering and approaching from our FAITH perspective.

But all in all it is a really interesting interview [although it feels a lot like an attack a lot of the time, but I thought Russell handled it well] so I would highly recommend you giving it a listen:



You can read the associated article here.

I think the main point Russell is challenging is the acceptance of government as we know it simply because we’ve always known it to be that way. And while he doesn’t seem to be able to articulate exactly what that new system looks like it is one that: [A] looks after the planet and [B] addresses the disparity between rich and poor

Which brings us to that oft-argued question of do you believe Christians should be in politics [to help bring about change] or is it that huge unjustifiable divide that should never be crossed [which leaves us to bring about change outside of the system].

What thoughts and ideas do you have about the place of FAITH in this discussion?

Brett Anderson

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