Some of the Stories of Common Change

Common Change is all about connecting resources to needs through relationships and it is these relationships that form the backdrop to numerous incredible stories of life transformation or simpler acts of encouragement or assistance in a tough time.

As we continue to grow, so will the stories – have a read or take a listen to some of these to get a glimpse of the heart of Common Change and what we get to see happen on a regular basis:

Meet Abi Ornellis and hear a little bit about her trip to go and work in an orphanage in Tanzania and the exciting things that transpired there.

Meet Emiel, Philippa and their family who faced a bit of a crisis while working in Japan, giving a Common Change group the opportunity to be a part of the solution.

Meet Brett “Fish” Anderson and hear how his being part of CC suddenly took on new life as he was able to help out some friends of his.

Plus we have a whole collection of other stories being built up on the Common Change site blog.

And we look forward to adding your story someday…

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It is not the only way, but it is a great start to becoming part of something bigger than yourself which can really make a difference to the people in and around your life.



Brett Anderson

Brett "Fish" Anderson from South Africa (the country) is passionate about seeing the church live out what it says it believe in all areas of life. He is married to the beautiful Val (tbV) and hates raiSINs with a different kind of passion.