Money & Mattering

Money & Mattering

I came across this post today and it led me down a rabbit trail of thinking about all the ways in which we try to matter. One of the many ways my generation has sought to matter has been through money, through wealth, through the accrual of “things.” And, as the post posits, I just wonder how often that seemingly meaningful, though really meaningless, pursuit is all an attempt to matter in a world we feel has ignored us, missed our value, or just has moved too quick past us to feel as if we’ve made any real difference.

In the end, this pursuit says more about the influence our market-based economic thinking has had upon on us than our true value, our true worth, whether we matter or not in the kin-dom of God.

What do you think?

  • John Toler

    Great post on mattering. I related to some of the people he talked about and was convicted on how I covet the feeling of mattering. Even though I want to matter in the Kingdom of Heaven sometimes I get side tracked seeking value in others eyes doing God’s work. Thanks for sharing!