Sharing is Scaring?

‘May hasn’t gone so hot for some of the sharing economy’s most promising entrepreneurs. 2012 might have hinted of challenges to come, but so far 2013 has over-delivered. In the last two weeks, New York regulators and courts have essentially shut three of these companies down, at least temporarily.’

And with that opening paragraph, Susie Cagle begins her article titled, ‘Is the sharing economy skidding out?’ and as dramatic as her title is, it really only begins to give a hint or taste of what might be some of the larger questions facing the sharing economy communities.

What is important for us as we explore collaborative giving is to understand some of the parameters that exist as well as some of the obstacles we might face. It is often not merely enough to have a good idea [Smoking is bad for you – let’s stop people smoking!] but you sometimes need to be aware of whose toes you might inadvertently be stepping on as you try make your good idea a reality [So what do you think of the electric car, big oil companies?]

You can read the rest of Susie’s article here.

As we look to become more involved in collaborative communities through sharing resources and combining network activities, what kinds of barriers might be come up against? Are there any potential pitfalls you have observed that might serve as warning signs for us as we embrace this new economy?

Brett Anderson

Brett "Fish" Anderson from South Africa (the country) is passionate about seeing the church live out what it says it believe in all areas of life. He is married to the beautiful Val (tbV) and hates raiSINs with a different kind of passion.