illdoctrine on Occupy Wall Street

Interesting analogy on the media and the occupy movement. What do you think?

  • Filiberto

    Pete King What planet do you come from? The pseimre that these protestors are filthy bums is straight out of FOX NEWS.HEY PETE, You know who else had to live in conditions like the ones you described? The soldiers in Bastogne, during World War II. These guys had to live in their own waste and eat rats to survive while fighting the German Wermacht. Are you gonna say they weren’t heroes too?GET REAL!!!

  • Riean

    Glad to see that you all came out and found some common gruond! If only you folks could be on TV talking about this. Many media outlets are trying to vilify one or the other of our groups, pitting us against each other, when in fact all of us are seeking change of the status quo. Even if it is through different means, we should all keep that in mind as our local groups move forward. Hope to see some of you again this weekend!

  • Doe

    It is good to approach other fatoicns of citizens to find common ground. Noone seems to speak for this group. OWS will easily fragment as they search for a common ground and leadership. The TP has a unified front on many issues and thier power was demonstrated in the last election. Elections are a legal course for change vs civil disobediance. Getting arrested is not in the TP playbook, and occupy Roanoke also is nonviolent.