Meltdown; The Men Who Crashed the World

An interesting part one of a four-part series on the key players in the crash of the world economic system.

  • ben

    It’s often our default to point fingers and lay blame on anyone we can to explain ourselves out of whatever mess we find ourselves in. This piece is no exception. However, the system that rewards greed and the pursuit of more is what the meltdown was all about. What would an alternative to our current system be? Is it possible?

    • Susan

      The only part I disagree with is the FDIC. Without that, no one would put their money for long in any bank. Maybe a well run ceirdt union. But all the money would be tapped out of banks faster than water falling off? a cliff. At the same time ceirdt would crunch even faster. And several jobs and potential jobs would eliminated. Were talking about what happened during the great depression. So there I think he has FDIC wrong.